The foodies have spoken. She Makes Delicious has a fan favorite dish!

As a culinary creative Chef Nina, the owner of She Makes Delicious, thrives on playing with ingredients and food combinations. She can make a person who hates mushrooms ask for a second plate, and a seafood lover order vegan crab cakes.

But creatives like to do just that… keep creating, and a new menu will be available every two months for consumers to choose from. Each meal is high end, restaurant quality and full of flavor.

As chef set out to formulate her new ideas for the upcoming menu, she noticed one particular meal that received a massive amount of requests.

“I wanted to change the menu, but I couldn’t let that one go. Everyone loves it!”

We won’t keep you in suspense… Here it is.

Jumbo Prawns and Seared Scallops with Spinach Risotto!

This masterpiece includes U10 bay scallops and colossal prawns, cooked in white wine and olive oil. It sits on a bed of very creamy spinach risotto that has been prepared with vegetable stock and asiago cheese. The entire meal only totals 430 calories.

Check out some of the consumer reviews on this dish: 

“Prawns, scallops and risotto were FIRE!”
“That seafood was delicious!”
“The shrimp and scallops with risotto have been spot on every time!”

Curious to see what the hype is all about? Add this meal to your next She Makes Delicious subscription box with the benefit of free shipping.

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