She Makes Delicious & Vegan, What? Join Forces!!

She Makes Delicious and Vegan What? are teaming up to bring consumers convenient and healthy meal options that please their palate and fill their bellies.

She Makes Delicious

Recently, many restaurants have had to close their doors or change their way of doing business. Personal Chef and culinary instructor, Nina Bryant, saw this as a unique opportunity to shift her business as well. She expanded on the existing offerings of her company LoveLustFood to bring restaurant quality food to the public by creating She Makes Delicious, a meal prep service. Nina takes it up a notch by doing more than creating enjoyable dishes. She brings a healthy, high-end food lifestyle right to your doorstep. And as the only Black owned meal prep subscription box service, it is one of a kind!

Nina is not only a culinary creative, she’s also a military veteran. After serving 10 years in the navy she took her passion for cooking, along with the business and leadership skills she’d acquired to create a food sustainable business. She currently serves as a personal chef to several NFL players on the Jacksonville Jaguars team, and some of her previous clients include Common, the Prime Minister of Israel and Dawuane Smoot to name a few. Nina is also a certified culinary instructor with her own cooking school and she excels in creating farm to table dishes for the everyday family.

Vegan What?

Stephanie has been a proud vegan for nine years. She decided to choose a healthier way of eating because she was tired of watching her family members suffer from preventable diseases related to food. Stephanie researched vegetarianism, ordered her first vegan cookbook and began her transition. She started sharing her journey on Facebook with the emphasis that being vegan doesn’t have to be boring. This led her to create Vegan What?, which is a healthy vegan lifestyle blog packed with deliciously curated meals and dessert recipes for her followers! Stephanie’s mission is to simplify veganism for the everyday person so that they can live longer and be there for their families. She offers a wide range of products to support her mission to include ebooks, apparel, and meal plan services. 

When creating a culinary masterpiece, a fusion of two flavors can mix in such a tasty way that it just makes sense! And that is the case with this new collaboration between She Makes Delicious and Vegan What?

Here’s what consumers have to look forward to. You now have the option to purchase a vegan subscription box with recipes created by Vegan What? and all meals will be prepared and delivered to your doorstep by She Makes Delicious. This offers variety and an opportunity to experience the genius of two innovative culinary minds!

All meals arrive preserved in quality packaging and are ready to heat and serve at your leisure.

By accessing the link HERE, you can explore all of the vegan packages, and choose one that fits your taste buds or try something that’s new and outside of your box.

As an added special, She Makes Delicious is offering a 40% off discount. Use code: EATGOODNOW


  • William Batts

    Excellence paired with Excellence!

  • Rebecca Davis

    This is simply amazing. Two powerhouses joined as one. I love it!!

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